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Supermarket Sarah

Supermarket Sarah: It's off the wall

The designs & products may vary, but in the end most online stores are more or less the same. Something that can really help to set you apart from the rest is presentation, presentation, presentation, a credo worth adopting. That’s why we love Supermarket Sarah. In the midst of thousands of online stores this shop truly manages to stand out. And not only by the products that are carried, but also by the way they are presented.

Instead of having neat separate product shots Supermarket Sarah periodically comes with nicely styled ‘wall shots’. Collages of a variety of new and vintage products ranging from objects to shoes, furniture, clothing and accessories. All can be bought and you can see price & product details by clicking on the item. These ‘walls shots’ have become so popular that they have taken on a more collaborative form as Sarah sometimes gets help from some of the hottest designers and creative minds around. Starting 2011 Sarah also curates a special range of items on the ground floor of Selfridges, London.

Trust us, even if you don’t want to buy something  but just want to get inspired Supermarket Sarah is worth a visit. It’s also a great place to shop for quirky or cool vintage gifts and other unique finds.

Want to see more than just the latest ‘wall’ of items? Browse previous walls or search more traditionally per item category.


/ Martijn