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Le Loup-Garou

Le Loup-Garou: A true labor of love

That's how Laura Williamson describes her newly opened shop.

And it shows, it's virtually dripping off the virtual walls of her online store.


Her curious collection of emerging designers, artists and jewlery makers manages to really break the standard mold of shops that keep popping up. We'd have been convinced only by the selection of her products, but it comes with an amazing set of photographs which should be the envy of many shop keepers around the internet. We can only hope that more follow her lead.


If you want to find something truly unique and special, we recommend a visit to her shop, especially the jewelry section which really stands out.


When it comes to a description of her selection she really does an excellent job of that herself;

''- Each season’s collection tells a story and each individual garment was picked particularly for the curious soul, the lover of detail, with an emphasis on quality of materials, construction, and design.''


We're convinced.