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20x200: Affordable art, prints & photographs

The time that cool and unique art could only be found in exclusive high brow exhibition spaces is over. Online galleries such as 20x200 are helping artists to cross over and us to easily buy affordable art. Say goodbye to those white walls, because with prices starting as low as 20 USD there’s nothing’s stopping you from completely covering them all.

20x200 offers truly great art, limited editions prints and photographs. The prints and photographs come in different sizes and in limited runs. Every single print is delivered with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. The pieces are from a range of different artists with diverse genres and backgrounds. Prices vary from 20–5000 USD and 20x200 ships all around the globe.

Trust us, after the first buy you’ll be hooked and before you know it  you’ll be seriously considering becoming the big-time art collector you never thought you would be.